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Wagner Ranch Elementary School

A Place for Everyone

Wagner Ranch Elementary School

A Place for Everyone

1st Grade



First grade is a wonderful year of new learning! Children participate in a variety of fun and exciting programs and activities allowing for optimum success and growth. We collaborate with each other, the first grade families, and the Wagner Ranch teachers and staff to build a strong community of learners.


Here are some curriculum highlights for 1st grade:
Reader's Workshop
  • Decode and recognize words
  • Fluency and expression
  • Check for understanding of the story/text to build comprehension
  • Read a variety of text
  • Express ideas with others

Writer's Workshop

  • Write for a variety of purposes (narrative, nonfiction, opinion, poetry)
  • Apply knowledge of structures and conventions
  • Write and revise independently
  • Form letters to make writing readable (Handwriting Without Tears)

Word Work

  • Letter sounds, vowel sounds, patterns
  • Conventions: capitalization and punctuation
  • Inflectional endings (-s, -ed, -ing)
  • Structure of a sentence


  • Add and subtract within 20
  • Develop an understanding of place value within 120
  • Understand the relationship of addition and subtraction

Social Studies

  • Citizenship
  • Geography
  • U.S. Symbols, icons, and traditions
  • Life long ago and today
  • Cultures: similarities and differences
  • Goods and services


  • Plants & animals
  • Air & weather
  • Sound & light
  • Healthy habits

Character Education

  • ThinkFirst/Second Step: district adopted character education and bullying prevention programs
  • Kid Power: Empowering students to make wise choices behaviorally, socially, and academically


  • 40 minutes of art a week with the art teacher
  • 30 minutes of music a week with the music teacher
  • Two, 30 minute P.E. classes a week with the P.E. teacher. Students also receive an additional 40 minutes a week of class P.E. with their classroom teacher.
  • 30 minutes of library a week with the librarian
  • 40 minutes in the garden every two weeks


       Mrs. Headley
       Ms. Lamoureux 
       Mrs. Okamitsu