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Wagner Ranch Elementary School

A Place for Everyone

Wagner Ranch Elementary School

A Place for Everyone

4th Grade



We are excited to be your teachers this year. 4th grade is a year of major growth and change with students deepening their learning and skills. Students will be asked to think, analyze, and learn in more structured and sophisticated ways.


Here are some curriculum highlights for 4th grade:
Reader's Workshop
  • Going from learning to read to reading to learn
  • Reading with a higher level of fluency and expression
  • Studying characters and making interpretations in fiction stories
  • Strategies for reading complex nonfiction
  • Informational research projects
  • Book clubs
  • Classroom read-alouds

Writer's Workshop

  • Realistic Fiction
  • Personal and Persuasive Essays
  • Literary Essays: Writing About Fiction
  • Bringing History to Life: Informational Writing
  • Poetry


  • Math Talks to help build number sense and confidence
  • Problem solving skills and strategies
  • Number sense
  • Place value up to the millions
  • Addition and subtraction of whole numbers, fractions and decimals
  • Multiplication and division of whole numbers
  • Writing and solving equations
  • Fraction concepts
  • Understanding decimals
  • Converting measurements
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Geometry
  • Reading graphs and interpreting data

Social Studies

  • Regions of California
  • Native Californians
  • European Explorers to California
  • Missions
  • Ranchos
  • Gold Rush


  • Environments
  • Soil, Rocks, and Landforms
  • Energy
  • FOSS Science Investigations and regular science labs
  • Work in the school garden

Character Education

  • ThinkFirst/Second Step: district adopted character education and bullying prevention programs
  • Kid Power: Empowering students to make wise choices behaviorally, socially, and academically


  • 40 minutes of art a week with the art teacher
  • 30 minutes of music a week with the music teacher<
  • Two, 30 minute P.E. classes a week with our P.E. Teacher. Students also receive an additional 40 minutes a week of class P.E. with their classroom teacher
  • 30 minutes of library a week with the librarian
  • 1 hour in the garden every two weeks